Vision Framework for Face Landmarks detection using Xamarin.iOS

Mobile devices are getting better and better at solving sophisticated tasks. Not only because of better hardware, but also due to modern trends towards AI – such tasks as face detection, barcode recognition, rectangle detection, text recognition, etc. are now supported on the operating system level making it really simple to solve them in your app. Here I am going to show how to detect face landmarks in real time using the Vision framework. The demo app that we’re going to build here is also available on GitHub.

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Gradient backgrounds in Xamarin iOS

Did you notice that graphic designers love gradients? It was a trend in mobile designs that started in 2017 and now it’s getting even more popular. Let me share a few useful code snippets that will help you to make awesome looking iOS applications with Xamarin.

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Android App Shortcuts in Xamarin

Great mobile apps and luxury cars are similar, in that a lot of attention is paid to even the smallest details. Since Android version 7.1 (API 25) there is a new feature that lets users get to a specific screen or an action right from the home screen — Shortcuts. Although the feature has been available for quite a long time (since Dec 2016) there are tons of apps which haven’t adopted it yet. Having Shortcuts will not only make your app more professional but will also significantly improve UX. Let’s take a deeper look!

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Xamarin Android CI with VSTS

Continuos Integration from Microsoft for iOS and Android projects for free. Five years ago, even knowing that MS moves towards cross-platform support and open source, I wouldn’t believe in that. Now it’s the reality.

In this blog post I’ll show how to use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and HockeyApp for setting up CI builds for Xamarin Android projects.

Configuring CI builds for Xamarin projects is an easy and straightforward process, after you’ve done it once, it takes less than 10 minutes to create build definitions for other projects. Let’s go through each step in detail.

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